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If you’re looking for short run booklet printing, you have come to the right place!

Megatron Print is your digital book printing expert. One of the great benefits of digital printing is that customers no longer need to order large quantities to get a cost-effective price per book. We will never make you order and pay for quantities that you do not need.
Yes, you can order as few as 10 books.
We would not force you to order more, but if you order 100 (and up), we'll make you 10 more books FREE. And in addition to that you’ll receive rock bottom pricing and first class customer service. Production and setup costs are minimal, allowing you to get your books quickly and in a cost-efficient method

Not familiar how to set the right layout? Professionally formatted text is an important part of book design. We offer interior book design & formatting, and can customize layout that meets industry standards and provides the ultimate reading experience for your book audience. Still have questions? Call us at 847-845-5800 and get answers.

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